Everybody knows about Rehabilitation but not many people have thought about Pre-habilitation. Did you know in swimming, for example we say “for every session out, it will take three to get back to that point”. That being said, one week out will take three weeks to return to current position. Are you considering your Pre-habilitation schedule? We can help!


Fit Lab Lanzarote, work with many clients who need to maintain their strength and conditioning, support existing medical conditions or work to slow down the development of a current condition or disability.

Here at Fit Lab Lanzarote we use our “Box Theory” by treating every client specifically to their individual needs and limitations. Constantly “thinking outside the box” to allow what at first seemed impossible, a reality.


Monitoring of blood pressure, managing nutrition, daily exercise planning and managing expectations are some of the many areas we can assist you and your family.

For some it may be as simple as being able to stand up from a chair in a more comfortable manner or managing the process of morning or evening chores.