Improving the mobility and strength in your neck is one of the best ways to help prevent problems occurring in the first place, because this improves your posture and reduces muscular tension. Performed as part of a rehabilitation or pre-habilitation programme, exercises can help with recovery from acute conditions and may help if you have chronic pain.

Exercise 1: Neck Rotation

This simple movement helps to ease neck ache, maintain neck flexibility, and delay or prevent age-related stiffness. You should be able to rotate your neck through 70-90 degrees on either side without straining.

Step 1

Look straight ahead, keeping your spine in neutral position. Keep your upper body relaxed and your arms loose by your sides.


Step 2

Move your head slowly to the side to look over your right shoulder. Turn it as far as is comfortable and hold for a few seconds.


Step 3

Move your head back through the starting position, until you are looking over your left shoulder, without straining. Return to the start position.


Step 4

Repeat ten times

Exercise 2: Neck Side Flexion

This useful mobility exercise is ideal if you suffer from aching muscles in your upper back and neck. Poor posture or an awkward sleeping position can result in imbalances in the muscles of your neck and shoulders. This may cause pain or even head aches, and is a common condition in desk workers.

Step 1

Stand or sit upright, holding your body in a relaxed posture, with your shoulders loose and your eyes looking straight ahead.


Step 2

Tilt your head so that your right ear moves towards your right shoulder as far as is comfortable. Hold for a few seconds.


Step 3

Flex your neck in the opposite direction as far as you can go. Hold for a few seconds and return to the start position.


Step 4

Repeat ten times

Exercice 3: Neck Extension and Flexion

This easy movement, which can be carried out either seated or standing, will help to prevent a build-up of tension in your neck and upper-back muscles, and mobilises the joints and nerves in your neck.

Step 1

Stand or sight upright with your arms by your sides in a relaxed posture. Look straight ahead.


Step 2

Extend your neck as far as is comfortable by slowly raising your chin so you are looking directly upwards. Hold for a few seconds.


Step 3

Flex your neck by letting your head drop forwards without straining. Hold for a few seconds and return to the start position.


Step 4

Repeat ten times

If you would like any assistance or further help with regards to training and exercises. Please contact us below and remember to check back each Thursday for our “Technical Thursday” training videos.

Disclaimer: Swim Lab Lanzarote and Fit Lab Lanzarote accept no responsibility for injury to persons or property consequent on embarking upon the advice and guidelines included herein.


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