Here are Fit Lab Lanzarote´s ten basic steps to succeed with nutrition in 2017. If you stick to these ten basic nutrition pointers you will help yourself in 2017 to lead a healthier lifestyle. We will be posting regular updates, hints and tips on nutrition so start today and together we will succeed.

1. Keeping a “Daily Menu”

Pick three or four similar meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Creating suitable meals that you can make to control the portion size and nutritional values.

2. Eat breakfast every day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, start as you mean to go on.


3. Drink water often

Regularly drink glasses of water, more if exercising. Just plain water or add a slice of lemon, cucumber or mint. Maybe store a jug of water in your fridge and top it up regularly. Tea and coffee contain caffeine which dehydrates you so this doesn’t count as water intake!

4. Eat Small—and often

Rather than having three big meals why not have five or six smaller meals throughout the day. Instead of using a large dinner plate use a smaller side plate to control the size of your portions and don’t go back for seconds!

5. Eat whole foods first

Try to include whole foods into your meals. These include apples, broccoli, salads and brown rice. They fill your stomach quickly helping you to feel fuller faster so start with these on your plate.


6. Know what you are eating

Look at labels, see whats in the food you eat and how much of it you are consuming. This will improve over time as you learn to see what would have more nutritional content and be a more suitable substitute or replacement.

7. Don´t go cold turkey

After the festive period turkey is the last thing we want to eat but don’t obsess.  If you want that chocolate, have it…but consider how much you are having. If you cut out everything you love completely you are more likely to fail and not be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

8. Don’t keep red zone food in the house

Get rid of the temptation foods from the kitchen cookies, crisps and biscuits. If you want something you will have to go out and get it. This will give you the time to think whether you actually really want or need it.


9. Close the kitchen after dinner

Kitchens closed, try not to eat too late and after your evening meal close the kitchen until breakfast. (a good few hours before sleeping). This gives your body time to process the food you have consumed during the day, we all need time to recover.

10. No need to be picky with restaurants

No need to steer clear of restaurants just pick carefully from the menu. Ask yourself: is it processed? is it fried? is there a smarter option?

Sticking to these ten smart steps to nutrition will help you start to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2017. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch by completing the form below.


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