Fit Lab Lanzarote specialises in: Personal Training for people with pre-existing medical conditions including: Cerebral Palsy (extensive practise in pre and post SDR development), Neurological Disorders, Brain/Nerve Injury, Mobility/Walking, Muscular Disorders and Developmental Delay. We cannot create a comprehensive list of disabilities we are able to cater for on our website but should you be interested please get in touch and we will be happy to advise how we can assist your further.

Our services include but are not limited to: Strength and Conditioning, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Disability Consulting (including specific Paediatric Disability Consulting), Mental Training, Nutrition and Health based services.

Our services are available to individuals and groups through consulting, coaching, camps, seminars and/or online programmes both in Lanzarote and throughout Europe. Our passion for healthy living is evident throughout everything we do!